My work varies but in general:

I write poetry, short stories, short plays and flash fiction. I have written half of a full length play. I am currently focusing on my latest novel, Intro to the OVE: Burning Mentality, which I aim to publish. This would be my first published novel.

My work may contain:

Romance, Absurdism, Fantasy, Magical Realism, New Adult genre, Young Adult themes, Speculative fiction, Existential Crises and depression, Anxiety, Self-discovery, Violence, Death, Cussing, Metaphors, Character-driven stories

My work does not but may contain in the future:

Explicit scenes, Historical fiction, Religious themes, Cop dramas, Crime thrillers, Guns

Special Notes:

Horror is not a genre I am interested in, however some of my writing does get dark.

I have written one short story with a Christian protagonist, however my protagonists in all other works are not. If readers are looking for books that follow a specific faith or believe in a God my writing is not for you.