Published Work

Various works chosen for an OUC online publication

Glass Enclosures: Windows Beyond Shattered Synapses is an Ohio University Chillicothe (OUC) campus Fishbowl publication for the 2018-2019 school year. It was only published online and is accessible via the link below. No purchase is necessary to read through the publication. Pieces were written, edited, organized and selected by students through the OUC Writing Center. The pages of the publication scroll downward.

The following are submissions of my own that were accepted for the publication:
One Bottle in the Sea (Flash fiction) Page 22
Tolling (Short play) Page 23
Reflection on Fear (Non-fiction) Page 43
A Heart Read (Poem) Page 61
He Will Rise Again (Poem) Page 62
Same World, Different Earths (Poem) Page 63

“Just Being a Teenager” published by Teen Ink (Poetry)

In 2009, I had a poem published in Teen Ink Magazine. I routinely shared my poetry on their website and was excited to have my first piece of writing officially published. I was in eighth grade at the time and one of my teachers asked me to read the poem out loud to the class. I remember being nervous as I’d never read my work to so many peers.