Meet Kalina:
A character to appear in The Overseer Existence

It may seem like I’m talking to myself kiddies—but I’m not. See, one day in the future, I know they’ll have a way to turn thoughts into something shareable. Maybe with a brain probe. When you die, they can drill that needle through your skull and suck it all out.

In that sense, you’d never really die and as you’re reading or listening just remember—it all came from a dead or profound brain.

Not that I expect anyone to read my stories—they’d probably burn my thoughts anyway. That’s okay. It’s not like anything I say is all that important.

I’m just the average white, 25-year-old, cis female that’s tired of this over-bearing society. ‘Course I’m married, have a stable job, have life insurance, payed off my own car after five years, and I’m a little bat-shit insane—so maybe I’m not quite average? Only society knows.

My point—I’m not pretending to be a mascot for all—not in the slightest. I’m a mascot for me, myself, and I. Whoever wants to join the dance team is welcome.

Where do I live? It’s just a cliched town where everyone-knows-everyone and the DNA pool is severely limited. The trees sit sparse along the cracked and greyed sidewalk I’m jogging over and the buildings passing might be in our downtown, but they’re old.

Sorry, I meant historical.

What is stage acting?

(Originally written for a college assignment)
Acting is the action of stepping out of your own reality and into an altered one.

To act on stage means to allow a character on a page to borrow your soul for a short time. Both the character’s actions and voice become yours.

By acting in this way, you are allowing yourself to see the world through that character’s vision and then sharing it with others. Although the character has been created in the script, that character can not come alive without you, and you can never live their unique life without them.